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Virus K Series

Writer - Michael S. Freeman
Director - Michael S. Freeman

The Above film is a short I just completed with brand new actresses. As you can see my camera is wore out.

Virus K opens with a couple driving through the desert in New Mexico circa 1948. An alien craft lights the sky, taking out the truck, embedding itself into a dune.  The military shows up, takes the craft and the occupant, killing the couple.

Present day. The alien needs to be moved from Roswell to a secret location off the Florida coast, but the alien is not secured properly, allowing it to escape and crash the plane. It assumes the identity of the CDC director, Samantha, a lead tech of child inoculations.
The alien gene is injected into a flu serum and the outbreak is underway. The gene only affects children to age eighteen, and kills anyone older than that.

This first episode introduces viewers to the outbreak and main cast members across the United 

Virus K is the biggest challenge I have decided to take on yet. After trying to go through the traditional means of submission only to have doors slammed in my face because I did not know anyone in the business, I decided to go completely INDIE with this series. 

As a contributor to this project, you will allow me to get my foot in the door of the machine known as main stream Hollywood, and show them that I can write and direct entertaining television serials.


  • There is no reason to beat around the bush here. Next Evolution Films is lookin for $3,500.00 to shoot the first 16 episodes of this project.
  • The money will cover transportation, permits, food for the actors, and equipment upgrades to allow audiences to have the best visual and audible experience as possible.
  • As a contributor, there will be producer credits given at certain levels of donation.
  • If the $3,500.00 goal is not met. I plan to give any donated money to the cast and crew for their hard work on the project.

Hollywood is Dead?

Virus K is an original idea, not based on something that has already been done to death. Audiences will fall in love with the characters in the story as they drive the story through the seasons.

As with this project, my short films are original in nature and I like that I can write and film ahead of the curve. My style guarantees that I have brought something new to the table that audiences and fans have not seen before.

The reality is I have four, sixteen episode seasons written to this point and would like to get the first season out in order to get the feedback to know if I am going in the direction the audience wants to see.


The biggest challenge is the funds to shoot the first season. I could shoot the whole season with the equipment I have, but I am afraid the quality of the picture will suffer causing the audience to leave a following.
In the event that we do not gather the funds needed to shoot this project, I will have to scrimp and save for a few years to get the right equipment just for this project.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Michael S. Freeman
Next Evolution Films & 3311 Studios


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