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The LOOP paranormal just got real

Writer - Craig Eccles
Director - Craig Eccles

Thank you for your support,
Welcome to our independent feature film The LOOP.
With your help we can make this bigger and better. Add special effects, props, scenic locations and more.

After 2 years of planning, writing, casting and research I am proud to announce The official cast and crew as listed below for the up coming feature film The LOOP. Filming will commence during September 2014 and the films release is expected early 2015.

Being an independent film I have thus far solely funded this entire project up to the point of being just out of starting our official filming. 

To showcase the remarkable talent and devoted people in this industry. Give them the well-deserved chance they need to perform and show what they can do. Everyone involved has put years into fine tuning their skill and just need an opportunity.
We want to produce a film that shows every emotion and make the audience feel the same.

We have hit a brick wall in regards to locations. Although locations have all been secured the fees are incredibly high. Alternate locations are just not suitable due to high traffic noise, public access and scenery.
Everyone involved is doing this project at their own expense and in their own time. Some cast and crew are studying and some are taking time out to assist with the project and I would at the very least like to offer food, water and fuel reimbursements.
The final product needs to be sent to festivals and marketed accordingly, This will be a significant amount that the funds will contribute towards.

Thank you so much for your time and we hope in the coming months you get to sit down, relax and enjoy the film.

Regards The LOOP team.


We have an amazing cast selected for the filming of this feature length film being fimed in Perth Australia. The cast were chosen from over 400 applicants.



The crew are all ready to go and we have an amazing array of talented experienced crew waiting to get started.

Producer / Director, Craig Eccles
1st Assistant Director, Darren Everett
Audio tech Raymond PWL
Video tech Craig Eccles
Editors Craig Eccles, Katie Quinn, Sonny Yang, Steve Emmerson Camera, David Manners
Camera assistant, Kurt Pilcher
2nd camera assistant, Luke Rodrigues
Lighting / Gaffer, Aaron Fitzgerald
Sound effects, Video Co-pilot ...
Music original (3 tracks) Drew Labs, Ian Gordon.
Hair - Make up, Tanya Tysoe
Wardrobe, C.E. Photography
Props, C.E. Photography 
Admin / Marketing, Craig Eccles
Score composer, Jamie Murgatroyd
Script supervisor, Jenny Friend

And more will be coming on board soon.

There will also be approximately 30 places available for extras in both speaking and non speaking roles. The speaking roles have all been offered to participants who came to the auditions.



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Project By

Craig E

Perth, Western Australia, AU

Contact Me

Website: www.cephotography.com.au/movie the loop.htm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theloopfeature?ref=hl

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    Thank you from all of us at the LOOP.
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    Thank you posted just for you on our dedicated Facebook fan page.
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    Your name with a special thank you message with be included in the movies final credits. We will also send you a final copy of the DVD.
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    Do you have a product, logo, brand, business that you would like shown or mentioned in a full length feature film? This is your chance.
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    You will have a special mention in the films credits. We will send you a gift pack with The LOOP shirt, mug, cap, poster signed by cast, dvd signed by the cast.
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    All parts are taken except for 1. This is your chance to be a full length feature film with a speaking role. There is a scene just waiting for you. Filming in Perth Western Australia. You will need to make your own way to the set.
    Estimated delivery: 01 Oct, 2014

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