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Road of Passion

Writer - Aydin Erel
Director - Aydin Erel

I have found the story of a woman heavy vehicle driver is very attention-grabbing. I have been writing this script over two years. The source of inspiration of the film is from a real character.  Our company has entitled the total copyright. She is the first woman to work as a heavy vehicle driver in Turkey. She’s been working over 20 years in her profession.The script is totally fictional and built on imaginary events and characters.  We will focus on the life of a young woman in her 30’s, so called “Sevda” (which means Passion in literary) the script based on humorous and adventurous events while she's working. The job requires a lot of skills. This world is not designed practically for women.  It’s normally men’s world! But, this woman perfectly does the job, even better than some male opponents. Women in general facing job discrimination in the world, this is a social problem even in Western Culture.

The story will take place in visually attractive surroundings inTurkey, some in Germany and Austria. Turkey has got stunning and fascinating natural sceneries. I believe; in photographically it will be very interesting.Each region differs one to other. There’re diverge traditions. Her brother’s sudden lost distress her. Tracking down her brother’s lost will lead her to Germany. She suspects, of a drug gang.The gang leader lives in Germany and  has a night club.A German police inspector has been after this boss for some times too. The journey becomes a fast-paced trip midst of falsehood and truth, passion and love.This will be dramatic leitmotiv.  

I have an Austrian co-producer Mr. Robert Hofferer of Artdeluxe Films.There will be Turkish, German and Austrian well known casting as well as mixed international crew.  We're ready to discuss  for international film market oportunities. We're looking for distribution and sale agent.


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