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Injustice For All

Writer - James Wilke
Director - James Wilke

"Injustice For All" is a nasty little tale about three individuals all accused of homicidetwo get acquitted, one gets convicted and is sentenced to death, none of them did anything wrong.


While we will  try to attach A- list actors (understanding that the monies required may rise), the majority of actors will have no credits to their names but the lack of acting skill will be what makes this movie work.  This movie will require, a city to turn back the clock to the 1990"s for most of the film. Stillwater, Oklahona and the surrounding large cities are the perfect back drop.


This movie will be shot with 5 cameras, allowing the actors the ability to get every scene in as few takes as possibnle.


The budget can be broken down upon request.


We can begin procution with the first $50,000, and you will have the understandiung that we will be buying and renting equipment before actual filming starts.


Oklahoma film rules are very simple. Any State, County, or City property is free for filming as long as no damage is done to the property. No permits needed, no union involvement. If we use state and local personnal we pay time + and notice must be given a week before filming.


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