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3,000: Three Thousand

Director - Queen Kim


3,000: Three Thousand




  • Running afoul with his debts and lifestyle, Jihyuk decides to leave Los Angeles. He decides to establish a new life in New York as a taxi driver, but is still unable to keep his finances in check. One day, seemingly out of the blue, Sunhee asks Jihyuk to return to the City of Angels with 3,000 dollars in tow. Could this homecoming be too good to be true? Not everyone is welcome home.
  • 3,000: The Story of Undocumented People. Based on a true story. The director wrote this story seven years ago and believes that it's now time to visualize it.
  • How will our film differentiate from other movies? We seek to show how foreign cultures are being adapted to American society, through a series of comic and dramatic moments. 
  • We successfully made our half of the movie in NY. Now we need help to finish this project in LA
  • The director spoke with the producer market of Cannes, and so far five European buyers have expressed interest and support for this project. 
  • 3,000 is a human drama that seeks to express the untold struggles and nuances of the immigrant experience.                                                                                                 


What We Need
  • Here are the basic details of our budget: your support mostly covers:
  • Equipment Rental and Insurance
  • Production Costs: Transportation and Meals
  • Post-Producion Costs (Festival Submission Fees, Editing Materials)

Our Production Members & Actors

Production Team

Queen Kim (Director/Producer)
  • Queen Kim was born in 1988 in South Korea. A graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,  He has been professionally making films since 2011. He seeks to break through in the film world by contributing both his artistic sensibilities and vision. A his current film, which is "Smile.", has been selected by Cannes 2014. www.kimqueen.com

Danny Mendoza (Producer)
  • Originally from Chicago, Danny studied broadcasting at Temple University in Philadelphia. He then made his way to New York City to start working in the field of broadcasting and production which is NBC.

Assistant Director/Producer-Jaehyun Lee

  • Highly motivated and consistently demonstrating solid motion picture skills, Jae Hyun Lee produces high quality, creative work. Lee's cinematography and passion for the art of visual storytelling has consistently been recognized in film competitions.
Main Actors

Jihyuk-Danovich Han
  • Danovich Han was born in the small city of Kyungju, Republic of Korea, but moved to New Zealand as a child. During his studies at Health Science at Otago University, Han acquired his first lead in a feature film, "All About My Father", directed by Sangwoo Lee. After working with Korean directors in Korea, Han moved to New York and Los Angeles to further develop his craft as an actor.

Sunhee - Hellen Hwang 
  • Hellen Hwang is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild. Hellen Hwang played Mrs. Tang in Episode 8 of "GANG RELATED, El Zorro y el Gallinero", which is scheduled to air on July 10, 2014. You will see her as the greedy landlady.


Other Ways You Can Help

  • Even if you are not able to support our project financially, you can still support us by sharing and posting our Facebook page! There, you can also find more information regarding our project! Thank you for all of your support! 
  • www.facebook.com/nyla3000



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