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What is indieFilmFunding?

indieFilmFunding focuses on bringing the Storyteller (CREATOR) together with the film enthusiast (DONOR), through our unique Crowd-funding platform. The indieFilmFunding platform helps the Storyteller set up and promote their film package to maximize the opportunity to receive funding, so that the storyteller can cover the costs of making their film.

As a film enthusiast indieFilmFunding also helps you find film projects you love and want to donate to. Through iFF, you can donate and become part of the filmmaking process.

indieFilmFunding is a platform and resource where you can network, fund and launch your film project, as long as it meets our criteria.

We are the home for indie films, for the film enthusiasts, and the filmmaker. We bring together the people that love films, with people that make films, using our unique crowd-funding platform.

How it Works?

The indieFilmFunding platform helps the CREATOR set a target funding goal, a deadline, and secure funding.

If the DONOR likes the project, they can contribute money to the making of the film.

indieFilmFunding is a unique crowd-funding platform:

There are no start up costs to the CREATOR to sign up their project to iFF.

iFF charges a 5% fee only when you successfully reach your target funding goal. If your campaign ends and you have not met your target funding goal, the CREATOR may still access the raised funds to make the film (iFF then charges a 10% fee). Note: always add PayPal processing fee to total.

So, promote your project and tell the world your story! If you don’t reach out to your fans they won’t reach back to you!

The three rules are…promote, promote, promote!!!

Why indieFilmFunding?

The CREATOR keeps 100% ownership of their work while the DONOR is supporting their projects to help the Storytellers dreams become reality.

The donors do not profit financially from the CREATOR. Instead the CREATOR offers GIFTS (rewards) to thank the donor for their support.

For example, a DONOR might get a copy of your film, or they may be listed on the credits, or get to walk the Red Carpet at the premier; all depending on how much they donate.

Or, you might want to invite the DONOR to the set of the film…. or even play a role in it.

As a DONOR for a project you are giving more than just your donation. You also get something in return, besides the satisfaction that you are supporting a great cause, and preserving the art of independent film making.

The DONOR connects with the CREATOR to help take their story to the next level, by funding a Storyteller’s vision which therefore turns it into a film.

It is indieFilmFunding's belief that there is nothing more important than bringing a great story to life, and placing it in the vault of history. The donor is a person that is either helping their friends or family, or sees a project that they just feel passionate about, and that's why they donate.

So, let’s begin with three easy steps:


Use our platform to customize and publish a professional online funding campaign.


One-click social media integration, direct email, and announcement features make it easy to spread the word; raise your awareness and increase your funding.


Manage contributions with our analytic tools, and stay on top of sending off your gift with our platform tools. Track who has claimed gifts, and how to get in touch with donors to ensure they receive gifts on time.

Our Goal


indieFilmFunding is here to provide you with the platform you will need to be successful. Remember, the CREATOR needs to do everything in their power to spread the word about their story, about their dream, about their vision. The CREATOR must utilize every possible means, including our platform, to be successful. The CREATOR must use Facebook.com, Instagram.com, Twitter, Pintrest.com, YouTube.com, VIMEO.com, Google, Yahoo, and anything and everything at your fingertips to contribute to a successful campaign. It’s up to the CREATOR to make their dreams…reality.

"Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity Too seize everything you ever wanted….One moment would you capture it or just let it slip?


You own it, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow this opportunity comes once in a lifetime"



For more information check out our Help Center.

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- Robert Frost

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