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Set a Goal

Before you create your project, you need to set your goals.

  • How much money are you trying to raise?
  • How much time will it take for your project to reach success, or how long will your project run?

These are fixed factors in your project, and cannot change once you have begun. Once you set the goal and we will help you reach it! When you reach your goal, you will ecieve all funds raised, minus our 5% fee (plus PayPal's fee). However, if you do not reach your goal in the time frame you have chosen, you will still receive the funds you have raised, minus our 10% processing fee (plus PayPal's fee). If you do not reach your goal, we recommend reevaluating your campaign strategy and trying again. You will have to create a new campaign, so give this some thought before submitting.

Share your Story

This is your opportunity to catch the attention of potential Donators. It's important to express passion and enthusiasm for your project. Be personal and to the point. Let viewers know:

  • Who you are
  • What you story you are trying to tell.
  • How they can help.


What are Gifts?

Those that make Donations are typically passionate about film. However, Gifts are additional, non-monetary, incentives for financial support.

Gift ideas

Gifts should be tangible and relevant to your project. Offering a DVD copy of the film, Skype chat with the cast, honorable mention in the film credits. It's smart to think of Gifts with low overhead. Also offering limited time or quantity Gifts will help create hype and a sense of urgency.

Your Gifts

Our platform allows you at add up to 20 Gifts. You can add or remove Gifts. However, once your project has launched you may only edit the unclaimed Gifts. We recommend starting with 5-10 Gifts, so that you have room to add more after you launch.

Sending Gifts

Upon reaching Success, Gifts must go out to Donators immediately. Don't be a flake and put it off, it just makes you look like a fool. They gave to you, you give back to them, and this helps you build your future value for more campaigns.

Start Sharing Now

We recommend spreading the word NOW!!!! Start sharing before you even start your project. Share in person and online. Share details and updates to create engagement and anticipation. We make it easy with 'share' buttons right on your project page. You are the one that will determine your projects success. Be proud of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. Your story could be the next big thing, and it will be archived for all to see in the future.

Your Network

Your friends, family, and fans will be the first to know about your project. They will be the first to show support and make donations, just because they believe in you. Use your friends and family network to boost funding.

Share Updates

Project updates are a great way to retain engagement, we recommend posting every few days. Donators will want to know how the project is coming along, and will often 'share' the news. Remember you can continue to post updates even after you reach Success. Additionally, indieFilmFunding will also use these updates to push out to its network, so the more info we have, the more we can post too.



indieFilmFunding is free to join. However, we take a small fee at the end of your campaign. When you are successful and meet you goal, we take 5% (plus Paypal fee).  If you have not been successful at reaching your goal, you can still get your money, but we take 10% (plus Paypal fee).


We are currently accepting all payments in US dollars. So, if you are in India, China, Brazil, or somewhere really cool, you can use our PayPal system and it will just charge you accordingly. You can also go to xe.com to get the current currency conversion.

Receiving Funds

Donators will have the opportunity to pay using a credit card through PayPal or just use their PayPal account. You will have the option to receive raised funds via PayPal. It can take a few weeks for funds to reach your account once your project is complete.


How do people Donate via PayPal?

To make a Donation using PayPal, the donator can either sign in to a PayPal account or elect to "Pay as a Guest." If someone chooses "Pay as a Guest", they can use a credit card without having a Paypal account. For instructions on how to Pay as a Guest on PayPal, please visit: How to Contribute via PayPal without a PayPal Account.

When do I receive my money?

At the end of your campaign, if you have met your goal, we will credit your account for your total goal amount, minus our 5% fee (plus PayPal's fee). If you were not successful we will credit your account with the funds you did raise, minus our 10% fee (plus PayPal's fee). The reimbursement will be sent directly to your PayPal account, up to 10 business days after your campaign deadline.

How much does it cost to use PayPal?

  • Paypal will charge a fee of about 3% on each contribution, depending on your account status. For more information on this, please visit PayPal Fees.
  • International or cross-border transactions may be charged additional fees by PayPal for currency exchange (see: Transaction Fees for Cross-Border Payments). For a complete breakdown of PayPal's payment processing fees based on your account type and region, we recommend reaching out to PayPal Support directly.

Can my PayPal account receive donations through indieFilmFunding?

To learn how to set up your PayPal account, read our article: How to Set Up Your PayPal Account.


Track Your Project Progress?

indieFilmFunding provides an internal Dashboard for you to track your project's progress. On your Dashboard, you can see funds raised, traffic referrals, contributor information, and more.

When is My Project Visible?

Your project will not be visible to the public while it is still being created. It will stay in pre-launch mode until you agree to our Rules, and click the "Launch" button to upload your project to our servers.

How to Get Featured?

indieFilmFunding is a performance-based platform. The most active projects will be featured on our homepage, browse-by-project pages, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms. However, sometimes we will find a film so moving, that we will internally decide to feature it. Why do we do this? Because we can!!!!!

Deleting a Project?

  • Only projects that have not raised funds can be deleted. If your project launched too soon, and hasn't yet raised funds, you can return your project and redo the deal.
  • You can delete your project completely if you would like, but only if no funds have been raised. Try to make sure your project is perfect before you launch it.

After the Project

Thank Your Donators

After your project has finished, post an UPDATE, and send an email to thank the people that helped you. If possible, send each person a hand written thank you note. You can find your donators' contact information inside your profile page on your dashboard. You should include information about when they will receive their Gift and how to get in touch with you.


We recommend that you send off your Gift as soon as you receive a donation, this way you get it out of the way, and your Donator knows you are for real. If not, then try and send the Gifts immediately after your project has ended. Communication is KING. Keep your Donators in the loop at all times and they will continue to support you.

Project owners are required by indieFilmFunding Terms of Use to fulfill all Gifts that have been claimed. You can download a list with all Gifts amounts and shipping information on the Fulfillment tab of your Dashboard.

Post Updates After Your Deadline?

You can use the Updates section of your project page to email your donators and fans after your project deadline. We recommend that you post updates on the status of your project, how you've used your funding, event announcements, and to share your plans for the future.

Launch a Follow-up Project?

You can launch multiple projects for the same project. We recommend launching follow-up projects for each new stage of your film.

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