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  • Horror
    Kentucky, US

  • Drama
    California, US
    Lukanthropos: Becoming Fenrir
    Project update #8
    Formatting of description is wrong

    The video is about the previous completed project I was working on. I do not have a current video about the current project as my camera original equipment was stolen and I need to replace it to do filming. The project I am working on is based on a good friend known by many in the punk rock community. He recently passed away from a tragic accident which inspired me to create a film based on his life. He transformed himself from a wild teenager that ran away from home into a loving person trying his best to innovate the punk scene reach out to people in need of help and at the same time struggled to become financially independent with an obsession of becoming a wolf.

    Ill be using the funds raised to rent/buy camera equipment cast transportation to on location shots permits and production costs required to create the film. The synopsis of the film will be:

    Based on a true story of a young teenager seeking to become Fenrir the monstrous wolf. He discovers punk rock which takes him through a world of adventure. He runs away from home due to disagreements with the parents shortly after he begins to change his appearance dying his hair clothing appearance and buying wolf masks. After running away he meets new friends and joins a punk rock organization <name of organization>. They shelter him and show him the ways of the KSYDOUdo it yourselfKSYDOU mentality throwing shows drinking and doing drugs. He joins a band <band name 1> shortly after and falls in love with a girl <girl friend 1> that is also into becoming a wolf who happens to be a fan of the band <band name 1>. He wanders off with the girl <girl friend 1> and decides to leave the organization <name of organization leave the band <band name 1> and start a new life with the girl <girl name 1>. The girl <girl name 1> is a junkie leaves him in another state after they run out of money and arguments about their money situation. After being stranded in another state with no money he runs across other punks living in an abandoned house. He becomes friends with one of the punks who has a band <band name 2> and joins his band <band name 2> while looking for work at the same time. They find work together in a thrift store where this punk girl <girl name 2> comes in daily to shop. Makes friends with this girl <girl name 2> leaves the band <band name 2> runs off together and gets into another relationship problem leaving him homeless again. He chats with some old friends and stumbles upon a good friend <friend 1> living in a house rented out by his friends <friend 1> parents in his hometown. They talk and decide they could all roommate together. He moves back to his hometown lives with his friend <friend 1> in a filthy house owned by his friends <friend 1> parents. He calls up another girl friend <girl name 3> telling her about how hes going to be renting a big house and theres room for 1 more and they could split the rent. She <girl name 3> moves in with him and joins the existing house to make a total of 4 people. All of them are busy working and barely at home but him and his girl <girl name 3> room mate cant stand how dirty the place is and try to fix up the house. He also starts another punk band <band name 3> with a wolf theme with the friend <friend 1> living in the house. After a few months of living together they start arguing over people coming over how messy the other 2 are how the rent price being unreasonable high and unfair. The friends <friend 1> owners wont budge on the rent price and their relations with each other become sour from personality differences and they stop speaking to each other. During this time one of his friends bands <band name 4> needs a guitar player to tour and he decides to join the band <band name 4> for a short tour. After a few days of leaving for tour the sour roommates whos parents own the house decide to kick him out by threatening to charge him storage fees because he isnt at home and didnt pay for the current months rent. He tries to talk to his roommates that he would pay when he gets back but his roommates want him out so they tell him that his stay in the house is over and if his stuff isnt gone by next week they will confiscate it. He argues with them about how unreasonable they are being and how he thought they were friends and to just wait until he gets back from touring. They dont budge and he ends up calling a friend <friend 2> to remove the stuff from his house and hold onto it when he gets back from tour.

    After he gets back from touring with the band <band name 4> he picks up his stuff from his friend <friend 2> and re-evaluates his life living with his friend <friend 2> repairs relations with his mom and decides to move back home. He starts working as a screen printer and playing as a fill in guitar player in friends bands <band name 5> and booking local shows. He brings lots of big name bands into the area and after one of the shows he booked ended decides to go to a hip hop club and instantly falls in love with the style of the performance. He decides to stop being a fill in for other bands and start his own hip hop project with a wolf theme <name of hip hop project> and trains his pet dog to howl. He tries to repair relations with his first girlfriend <girl friend 1> that left him stranded and finds shes cleaned up. They go back and forth in a long distance relationship and its back and forth with love and hate for each other. While doing his hip hop project <name of hip hop project> he decides to also clean up stop drinking stop doing drugs and start working out and training to become a martial arts fighter. He signs up for some fights and loses each one but continues at it. His screen printing business was starting to take up too much of his time and he decides that he wasnt going to get anywhere working a full time job and that ne needs to become independent. He starts researching on the internet and finds out about ecommerce shopping and attends seminars to try and start up his own business. While researching and working on creating his website under one of the mentors at the seminars one of his old bandmates from <band name 6> calls him about how they plan to travel and go on on a vacation to meet friends everywhere. While vacationing and traveling he meets up with a friend that does hosting and radio for a living <friend 3> and they sit down and talk about his plans on starting up a web based business. His friend <friend 3> shows him how the internet looks like talks about how the internet works and gives him a tour of a datacenter. He gets excited and it makes him anxious to get home and focus on making money with the internet business. After he gets back home from vacation his hosting friend <friend 3> offers him a spot on his radio station. He thinks about it and decides that it would be a great marketing tool to promote his projects business and talk about his life stories while playing music from his old bands. He starts doing a monthly radio show and blog about how hes on a journey to becoming successful and independent and anyone can do it too. After a few months of doing the radio show working on his websites recording hip hop rhymes one of his favorite bands <band name 7> calls him up asking him to fill in as a guitar player. He drops everything and practices the songs to be able to go on tour. He sees the tour schedule and plans out meeting with friends in every city and talking with people about his new hip hop act radio show and online business. The day before he leaves for tour he tries to put together his radio show and finds out one of the dates are going to be in the city where his show broadcasts out of. He chats with his friend <friend 3> that owns the radio station and plans to meet up to do a radio show with him about his <name of radio show> show. He leaves for tour and promises his radio friend <friend 3> that he will have his show done before he leaves but due to technical problems he couldnt send the show at the last minute and just leaves to tour.

    After meeting up with his band <band name 7> at the airport hes greeted with a brand new guitar to play for the tour. He cant wait to get to the house and play it. When they get to the bands <band name 7> house his house he start playing the new guitar drinking play fighting and pretending to be a wolf doing some hip hop battles with people at the house. That evening they decide to go bar hopping and gets too drunk at one of the bars. He ends up falling over/causing trouble and the bar kicks him and the people hes with <band name 7> out. His band <band name 7> takes him back to the house so he can calm down. On the way back home in the van he opens the door of the van and starts howling like a wolf. He falls out onto the street and is confused on why he is in the street. His bandmates take him back in the van and they drive home. When they get home he runs out into the night towards the moon. His band mates chase after him and cant keep up with him so they just let him run into the night. After a while they start to worry that he hasnt come back and start look all over for him at the bars they were just at. While looking through the bars they suddenly see a lot of police cars rushing to a scene and suspects they should check out where they were going. When they arrive at the scene where all the police have gathered they find him dead in the street and film ends with the news talking about 1 person being killed on the freeway last night

  • Romance
    SD, US
    Howling Moon Productions Film
    Project update #7
    You could Join us at a Film Festival

    Have you ever wanted to go to a film festival?  This is your chance!  All perk levels of $25 or more will be entered into a random drawing for a 1 night trip for 2 to join us at a film festival!  We will pay for your travel hotel for 1 night and meal for 1 night.  We might even throw in some souvenirs :-).

  • Drama
    Sisli, TR
    Road of Passion
    Project update #3
    Road of Passion

    An adventures journey of a woman truck driver from Turkey to Germany.

    A young truck driver “Sevda” (which means Passion in literary) from Istanbul on the way to Berlin becomes the hunted as she takes up a hitchhiker at a gas station. The man is not who he pretends to be and those who seek after him are not the police as he claims. The journey becomes a fast-paced trip midst of falsehood and truth passion and love.The story will take place in visually attractive surroundings in Turkey some in Germany and Austria.


  • Action
    Serbia, CS
    Project update #2
    Web Page

    We created a web page for our project. So happy about it and I think it looks very good. For our followers you can go to it by link on story page or here PROJECT DELUSION.

    Share and contribute if you can. But what ever you do know that we are grateful for your support. THANK YOU!!!

    We keep on going... full script will be here soon and we will send a copy to everyone who is interested to contribute.

  • Music
    Texas, US
    Promoting Hell
    Project update #1
    First section of interviews

    Our first section of interviews will be finished next week. We have made great contacts through the Us and with your help we hope to be able to go meet with them and interview them.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

- Robert Frost

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